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SFA Mission

The Soccer For Adults league (SFA) exists for the purpose of fostering and developing the game of soccer for adults. To foster sportsmanship and increase the knowledge, skill and proficiency of its membership in all aspects of the game of soccer, and to cooperate within and without the City of Tempe with any person, body, or otherwise whose interest may serve the residents of the community in any athletic endeavor, and particularly, the game of soccer.


SFA History

Soccer For Adults started over the summer of 2002 by Paul Scowen. Paul had been involved in running the local AYSO kids league for sometime. He found that many of the parents that attended their kids games were expressing a desire to play themselves. One thing lead to another and an official AYSO sponsored adult pilot program was launched. AYSO 5005 had two divisions, Men’s Competitive and Coed Recreational.

The league received a lot of attention from various media sources and word spread fast about the new soccer organization. AYSO 5005 quickly grew to be one of the largest adult AYSO leagues in the entire nation. Paul decided to step down after a year and a half of hard work and hand the reigns over to the next commissioner.

Over the summer of 2004 the board adopted a new logo and took on the official name of Soccer For Adults or SFA. The board membership continued to grow as did the teams. The fall league had 20 teams and close to 500 players.

We continue to look forward to the growth and development of this league and are excited about all of the new changes taking place. We would like to thank all of the volunteers that have worked so hard organizing this league.

General Information

The league is composed of four divisions; Recreational, Premier, 5v5 and 7v7; mainly based on the skill level of each team. Teams may be assigned to different divisions during the season based on their game results. 

Coed Division - RECREATIONAL division: 

This is the flagship division of SFA and our main focus of providing a safe, fair, and fun soccer league for our participants and their families. 

• Play mostly just for fun - the score really doesn’t matter 

• Limited player contact - light challenges for the ball 

• Respectful, friendly play required 

• Higher expectations on sportsmanship displayed by teams and individuals 

• League official can be present to observe and evaluate compliance of all present in this division

• Teams and/or individuals who cannot comply with these strict standards will be moved to another division

Recreational - Novice or BEGINNING Skill Level 

Premier - ADVANCED Skill Level

5 v 5 - Short Sided All Skill Level

7 v 7 = Short Sided All Skill Level

Games are generally held of Sunday nights, and are generally at 6 PM, and 8 PM. Currently games are 45 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime. Players are required to check in at the field with a league official prior to each game. Acceptable forms of ID are described in the Rules and Regulations. Players not having the proper form if ID will not be allowed to play. Additionally, players not listed on the printed roster sheets or do not have proof of Guest Player Registration are not eligible to play in that match.


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